Gypsum Products

Gypsum Board

Accessories Available
Stud Size 50,60,70,73,98,146mm
Truck Size 52,62,72,75,100,148mm
Wall angle Size 25mmx25mmx3mtr
Furring channel Size 35mmx3mtr
C-Channel Size 12mmx38mmx3mtr

GRG Ceiling Tiles

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Regular Board


Moisture Resistant Board (MR)


Fire Resistant Board (FS)

Extra fire resistant x type

Gypsum Joint Tapes

Joint taps is used for reinforcing tapered edge joints.
Size:50mm x 90m

Gypsum Screw

GYPSUM SCREW SIZE: 1″,11/4″,11/2″,2″,21/2″,3″ and 4

Gypsum Powder

Used for concealing nail head and complete line of reinforcing tape to property finish wallboard joints. It is supplied in powder form and liquid form