Insulation Materials

Rock Wool

Rock wool product for architecture are usually used in sound and thermal insulation for wall air-condition pipes and roof..ETC. Many density,facing & thickness are available as your requirements .

Size Density
60x120cmx50mm thickness – 30kg/m2
60x120cmx50mm thickness – 50kg/m2
60x120cmx50mm thickness – 80kg/m2

with aluminium face

Cork Board

SIZE: 50cmx100cm/50mm

Insulation cork board is a natural product obtained by expanding cork granules into blocks under high pressure and temperature ±300°c bonded by the cork’s natural resin After steam baking the blocks are cut to required sizes Mainly used in insulation of Roof, Ceiling,Terraces,garages, walls,foundations,swimming pools,subways,door,ships and machinery.

Soft Board - Flexal Board

Size: 122x244cm.12mm


Thermal insulating and acoustical material low density core for door and panels Lining insulating material foe wall paneling inexpensive ceiling It can be painted with any commercial paint

Environmentally friendly product

Polystyrene Thermocline

Size: 4’x8’x thickness:1/2″,1″,1.5″,2″,2.5″,3″,4″,6″,8″

Polystyrene is a rigid. light weight thermoplastic,closed cell foam plastic.By controlling beads during the manufacturing process.we can customs produce insulation and cushioning materials to the specific requirements of your applications

Fibre Glass Insulation


Roof and side walls of commercial ,industrial, residential agricultural buildings and poultry farms all are available as your requirements

Size Density
120cmx10mtrx25mm thickness – 24kg/m2
120cmx10mtrx50mm thickness – 24kg/m2
120cmx10mtrx50mm thickness – 48kg/m2
120cmx20mtrx50mm thickness – 12kg/m2

all are with aluminium face